Who are we?

We are an open network of artists, activists, innovators, webheads, and change agents inspired by the film ‘Coalition of the Willing’. We believe that this film represents an important framing statement for next generation climate activism. We have come together to promote the message of the film, and to work with others towards realizing the vision proposed.

We represent no ideology or political point of view. We accept the viewpoint of mainstream climate science, which says that global warming will have catastrophic consequences for the planet and its populations. The catastrophe is already upon us. From Moscow to the Maldives, China to California, Sydney to Sukker, people are experiencing the traumatic effects of climate mayhem. There is nothing radical about insisting on radical action to address the common crisis that we face today.

The fact that our governments fail to act is not a sign that they are complicit in an evil empire. Plenty of people working in government are genuinely committed to a green agenda. However, governments as we know them did not evolve to deal with rapid social, technological, and economic change. Governments evolved to manage more or less stable populations. The liberal state evolved to manage populations for as little cost as necessary. It did not evolve to hurry populations through rapid processes of change.

This is our reality. We face the prospect of runaway climate change within our lifetimes. And our governments and societies are ill-equipped to act. Fortunately, we have the tools to turn this situation around. These are the tools of the new generation internet.

The internet is rapidly evolving from a place for sharing information to a place for collaboration and co-creation. Wikipedia and YouTube are foremost examples of this global shift. How easy it should be, given the money, talent, and need in the world, to build a network of sites that enable the best people from about the world to collaborate on climate action solutions.

This is our vision. It is neither radical nor extreme. It is necessary, plain and simple.

Join us in a world-changing adventure. Our mission is to create an open space for dialogue and innovation – to prepare the ground for a twenty first century culture shift.

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